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This is Heidi Zeman, and this is Month 23 of our 100-year plan, May 2017. Thank you for visiting I apologize for the funny formatting. GoDaddy showed me how to make neat little stacks, like blogs 1-11, but I can’t figure it out again even with their help.

Maybe some people are not totally technology compatible. For example, I tried a Bluetooth speaker (again), and it simply does not work. Isn’t it supposed to work if you are hooked up to a wireless, like a wireless cable connection? I don’t know, and I’m focusing on other stuff so don’t feel like spinning my wheels trying to figure that out, too.

The good news is that our President is smart in my opinion. Sure, I try to schmooze a little; after all, I may be seeking a Pardon from him for Joe! I did write President Obama about one, but he never responded. I did not follow the ‘official’ way, though; I sent him an email through the ‘contact the White House’ link somewhere.

For those of you out there who are criticizing some of our elected leaders, I can relate 100%. Plus, we can change our minds, so I understand when people are upset with leaders. I do not understand when criticizers become violent, however. I do believe that violent protestors are paid, and that most of, many of group rallies are made up of good-hearted people.

My fellow true humans are not violent; my fellow humans that are greedy and like to cause trouble are not ‘true humans,’ in my opinion. Like that ‘she who will not be named’ who filmed an image of herself with our President, and the image was so violent that I am thinking of unfollowing or blocking anybody on my social media sites who perpetuates the image. I am thankful she apologized, and I commend her for that.

I liked President Obama sometimes; other times I did not. With President Trump, I haven’t found anything to dislike about him yet as a President, though I did criticize him before he was elected. I didn’t understand how he could run companies that went bankrupt, yet he maintained a seemingly wealthy lifestyle. Good for him; he should teach us all how to do that! Also, I pray he puts his ‘construction’ skills to work, finding a way to provide affordable housing to his people; his people – that has a nice ring to it. I do believe President Trump cares about people, and I respect that he is fighting terrorism.

Many of us know that making a living is not easy, and we all have necessities – housing, transportation, health care. All of these require insurance (GOTTA CLOSE THAT INDUSTRY, RIGHT LIBERTARIANS?) A lot of my ideas, libertarian minded, may scare people, especially people who work, for example, in the ‘insurance’ industry. But, keep in mind, what we are doing now is not working, and much of it does not make sense.

A perfect example is health insurance. Many people still cannot afford it. Those of us who can, are forced to buy it. Those of us who cannot afford it, are put on a ‘government’ insurance (Medicaid basically). Who do insurance policies benefit most? Insurance companies I guess. Here’s my #nonewmaterial section . . . about my drug addiction / dependency, due to chronic lower back pain:

A doctor appointment I attend regularly (because I am dependent on Norco, a narcotic pain reliever that the DEA apparently mandates I see a doctor every 30 days to get a refill, even though I’ve been taking a version of it since I was about 30 years old), is billed to my insurance company for over $300. Keep in mind, this is simply to refill a prescription. It is a 5-minute appointment. Since the insurance company has a negotiated rate, the insurance company has to pay the doctor only about $150. I guess if I didn’t have insurance (Wait – I am forced by law to have insurance!), I would pay $300. Anyway, I am responsible for $25 of that. Oh, and the annual premium is $14,000. How does any of that make sense? And, yes, I am now forced to take a ‘urine test,’ and was forced to sign an agreement that I would not use any ‘illegal drugs.’

By the way, I also despise the FDA for taking away the pain reliever that worked for me for 25 years: Vicodin. It is a 5-500 prescription. They said it has too much acetaminophen. So, I am forced to take Norco, a stronger, more addictive narcotic. It is a 10-325, and I take a half because a full one makes me ill.

When governments make regulations, they base their regulations on a small portion of a society that they think they are helping, when generally they are hurting most people.

They took away Vicodin because it was causing too many deaths (due to the ACETIMENOPHEN in it, NOT THE NARCOTIC!). That was in 2014. But what has happened since then? Even more opioid deaths!  When they legalize heroin, opium, and other pain relievers, I believe there will be very few deaths from drug overdoses. By the way, I have never tried heroin, opium, or morphine . . . but I would like to. I wonder if the pain relief would be more effective, with less side effects, than the pharmaceutical version. Probably…which is why certain entities made it illegal, profit greatly from illegal drug trade, and most likely use the plants themselves.

Addition:  Steroids? Why are they punishing people, including athletes, who are seeking to enhance their own bodies? Why is it okay for VIAGRA to be legal, and even advertised on television (I'm glad I don't have a young child to explain that too presently), but not hormone-steroid drugs that are prescribed to prolong life in elderly, and which millions of citizens of all ages have used and found beneficial? Why are steroid users criminals? Because the FDA, and legislative bodies who listen to their guidelines, are in my opinion criminally insane.

Nevada recently made it legal to smoke marijuana, though, stupidly, they somehow linked the right to own a gun with that. Insane!  They restore one freedom that should never have been taken away, and then take away a constitutional right. That’s not insane; that’s criminally insane! Who is this ‘government’ that says we cannot defend ourselves? Not my government; I am a citizen of the USA, and I have a second amendment right. That is why I sometimes say the ‘fake USA’ or the ‘false USA,’ because those who have been creating laws are not truly Americans; they are foreign entities because they do not recognize our Bill of Rights.

So, part of my love of Libertarian platform: end the damn drug war. Why should my insurance company be forced to pay that much money? And then why am I forced to provide a bodily sample? It is sickening, and insane. Who can disagree? Oh, the companies who are making money off it, INCLUDING THE pee-test companies: the greedy.

It doesn’t have to be this way, and when we close the DEA and FDA and ATF and end prohibition, the free market will take over: supply and demand.

Another insurance scam is car insurance. Two people I know were recently hit by other cars; both people were hit by ‘liars’ and ‘scammers,’ and the burden fell upon the innocent. The insurance companies sided with the criminal who hit my friends! I believe every car should be installed with a dash cam, as a car-building requirement. Then the truth will be more evident.

I heard on the radio today, May 31, 2017, that our local jail has been held liable for an inmate death. Then when I got home I looked on the computer to see what I could find out. Astoundingly horrifying:  Nevada’s Washoe County Jail, has 5 times the national average of INMATE DEATHS! This trend started two years ago, one month after Joe’s false arrest due to false ‘electronic’ data. We must repeal and replace law enforcement with peace officers. My guess is that most of these deaths were ‘victimless crime arrestees.’ Resurrect in peace, people. God bless you. We will one day have a wall for all of you, honoring the sacrifice that you were; our law enforcement branch sacrifices people – murders them.

Gosh, you’d think I’d have some good stuff to talk about. The good stuff is that journalists are discovering and investigating the true criminals in our world; unmasking them; and we will work together to hold them accountable . . .. you and I will restore Justice; thank you for making it happen.

 From my husband’s journals:

My name is Joe and I am more than just an addict. I am worth my weight in Gold. I per pound provide hundreds of people with employment. By way of my disease any number of businesses can be created. Although I am a kind, gentle man that enjoys helping his fellows, I can very easily be made to look like a monster simply for smoking, inhaling, eating or maybe drinking a substance that helps me to not hurt in my heart. The governing bodies have become experts at using me in various ways to control the masses and to make themselves a sizeable profit or income. Unfortunately, it is very painful and hard on me and my loved ones when they attack me and put me in chains because they heard I smoked something yesterday and shared with a friend.

 God bless you, and thank you for taking an interest in our story; one shared by many Americans in a similar situation.

 Heidi Zeman

May 31, 2017

GOOD MORNING!  FOR YOUR INFORMATION, I PLAN TO MOVE MY BLOGS TO 'MY BOOK.' THE PLAN IS TO KEEP THE MOST CURRENT YEAR ON THIS SITE, BUT TRANSFER THE OTHERS INTO THE BOOK I AM WRITING -- MY AUTOBIOGRAPHY. When? In the near broad statements!  Thank you for leading the way to freedom, Libertarians and Libertarian-minded friends. P.S. The 'big project' I've been referring to is not 'my book.' Some things are better left unsaid until the time is right. Timing is not my specialty, but that's okay; we all have our weaknesses, and strengths. Freedom party on! Say, that reminds me, just because we want to end the war on drugs, does not mean we have no other objective -- remember, drugs are medicine. The War on Drugs is a war on medicine, and a war against humanity itself.  Heidi, June 15, 2017

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